26 March, 2009

Severity of The Loss

. 26 March, 2009

I was impressed when one of my colleagues whose beloved wife passed away last week, took no breaks from working. The next day after the funeral, he worked normally at his office. The way he talked and his face expression was just as he used to be. He seems to make an effort to live each day fully and enjoy it, despite the loss. I suppose that although he bears to go on with his life as if nothing had happened,the grief is still present in his feelings, dreams and physiological changes. This approach to grief may be designed to maintain a good social front and not be a burden to friends and family - especially the children.

Feelings of loss, especially with regard to a loved one, can never completely go away. There will always be moments when we will miss them. The process of recovery for everyone is different. Some can recover quickly, while others can take a full year or more. This will also depend on the severity of the loss. That is why people usually take at least three days breaks from works after the funeral of his/her beloved one. Some even took longer. I recall how my late mother in law – after the death of my father in law- required more than one month of mourning in order to integrate the loss into her life. The loss had influenced her well-being and her daily activities some time. It was the presence of family members and friends around her that healed her out from the grief more rapidly.

I put salute to my colleague who has been facing the loss of his beloved one without having to put him into deep grievance for long time. He really is so tough and seemed to be realistic that every person will experience the loss of a beloved one through death and dying in time. Friends are always there for him. I wish him and his children well with this.


Landscapeideas Team said...

losing someone is hard..especially your loved ones...but time will subside the hard time

Mikes said...

Wow! Tell your friend this too shall pass. Be strong!

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UPrinting.com Sales said...

"although he bears to go on with his life as if nothing had happened,the grief is still present in his feelings, dreams and physiological changes."

Yes, it is never easy...it may appear easy for him and I was impressed to, it's just that maybe he has this great courage and faith to accept the truth and go on with his life...nice post!

Andrew Kalis said...

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anton said...

waw artikel yang sangat menarik dan bermanfaat . saya senang membaca artikel anda karena selain artikelnya yang menarik tampilan halamannya juga bagus . Ditunggu postingan berikutnya yaa ....terima Kasih

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