01 April, 2009

Remedy for Ageing Eyes

. 01 April, 2009

The Read Without Reading Glasses Method

There is absolutely NO scientific proof that near vision MUST deteriorate as a person ages! NONE. (Dr. Ray Gottlieb – Univ. of California-Berkeley Optometry School and a professor of optometry at the University of Houston College of Optometry)

A few weeks ago I was sent for free a method for reading without reading glasses from Cambridge Institute for Better Vision. The method has been working for me. I am free from reading glasses. I would like to share the method with others. Here I quote some part of the contents. The real beauty of the method is that it produces great results in as little as six minutes a day !

Can your eyes do this?
In order to benefit from the method your brain and your eyes need work together. (Remember, the method is for improving close up vision only. If you have trouble seeing in the distance - nearsightedness or myopia - there is another program for you, follow this link)

Let's see if the method can work for you.
First, sit about 18 inches from your computer screen. Then, hold the thumb of your right hand 5-6 inches in front of your eyes, between you and the screen.
Now, as you focus directly on your thumb notice that - in the background - you see two images of the circle below.

Now, focus directly on the circle. Then you should see two images of your thumb in the foreground. Most people easily get this illusion of double images - it's perfectly normal. In fact, seeing this illusion is the only thing that is necessary for The Read Without Glasses Method to work for you. If you can't get the illusion of double images right away, just relax. Then try shifting your focus back and forth from your thumb to the circle 10 or 20 times. That may be all it takes. If you still can't get the illusion, you probably have a pre-existing visual imbalance that needs to be addressed first.

The Science Behind The Method . . .
The focusing lens of the eye and the fine muscles that surround the eye stiffen with age and lose their natural, youthful flexibility to focus easily and clearly at near. That's how doctors explain the loss of near vision as we age. But there is also another visual function that stimulates focusing at near. It's called Accommodative Convergence/Accommodation. In order to see up close, first we have to turn - or converge - both eyes inward so that together they aim - or point - at what we want to see.

"Turning our eyes inward stimulates the eyes' ability to focus clearly at near," says Dr. Gottlieb,
who, for the last 20 years, has been Dean of the College of Syntonic Optometry. The fact that converging the eyes stimulates near focusing has been known for over 100 years. What was never before examined was whether this visual mechanism could successfully be applied to presbyopia. Dr. Gottlieb found that it can. "I've seen my patients improve their near vision, avoid reading glasses, get free of reading glasses or need weaker ones," he says.

Just about every other eye doctor will tell you that there is no remedy for presbyopia (the loss of near vision as we age) except surgery or corrective lenses. According to Dr. Gottlieb, there is absolutely NO scientific proof that near vision MUST deteriorate as a person ages! NONE.
Scientists studying aging eyes can report in great detail what those old eyes can't do anymore. But Dr. Gottlieb was one of the first to ask what aging eyes could do. He created and designed a special kind of eye chart - not an eye chart to measure clarity of vision - but one that trains and stimulates the Accommodative Convergence/ Accommodation function.

When you relieve the tension, stiffness and rigidity in and around your eyes an incredible thing happens: All the parts of your visual system work together and function in harmony, bringing the world into focus naturally. No more hassles of getting - or forgetting - your glasses . . . No need to chain them around your neck or fish for them in your purse . . . or break them in your pocket . . Keep your eyes healthy, keep them young and keep them seeing as sharply as they possibly can.

Hope everyone will enjoy it - The Read Without Glasses Method is really fun and easy to do. I thank Dr. Martin Sussman, founder and president Cambridge Institute for Better Vision for his wonderful tips for healthy eye vision.

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