02 March, 2009

I've been up to ....

. 02 March, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Well, it’s the break session of the class for my doctoral program, but that doesn’t mean I could take a break from reading and writing research proposal. I plan to complete this in (hopefully) 6 months. I have spent long time before choosing the topic, since the topic chosen should be one that interests me, and represents an area of study that I can use to identify me as one with special expertise in a particular area.
The doctoral dissertation should demonstrate breadth of learning, and ability to investigate problems independently and efficiently, must be a significant contribution to scholarship; should reveal one’s ability to analyze, interpret, and synthesize, and demonstrate thorough knowledge of the literature relating the project. Therefore it is very important to proceed with forethought into the dissertation process, because it is important part of doctoral program that the dissertation is uniquely to me.

More specifically, some criteria indicating the doctoral research are the research should present the relevance of existing theories of the problem ; include an original and unique dimension which builds on cited research, enable the candidate to enter the national or regional debate, be sufficiently broad from which to generalize to a larger audience, acculturate the candidate to differing academic communities, encourage the continuation of scholarly activity and, reflect the methodology appropriate to the type of research commonly found in dissertations. Environmental management is so broad, it includes multi disciplines. I am on a bit further from choosing the topic for my dissertation. Overloaded!! This might be the only suitable word to figure out what I’ve been up to at the moment. Yet, I enjoy it because I have reached the final selection of my topic which is the starting point to enter the next phase of the program.


Marilyn said...

Yes, it has been a while. Kudos on your pursuit. I was accepted into a Doctoral program a few years ago...and I already had research what I wanted to write my dissertation on. One problem, it was a prediction of the US entering an economic depression. I thought better of it and didn't pursue it...after all people didn't want to hear why I refused to buy a home, and how we needed to really have a global scope beyong the internet.

I have no regrets about my choice...because my research actually made me choose the life I have now.

Every obstacle is a path to a deeper discovery.

Kindest regards from Daegu, South Korea...


esther said...

Thanks Marilyn! Wish you success & best of luck with your research. Kindest regards to you from Medan.

lunaticg said...

Hi my friend.
Good luck on your program.

Esther said...

@lunaticg : Thank you !

SlogBite said...

Just in case my email to you was caught in your spam filter, I wanted to let you know that I did create a graphic for you, as you requested. I also emailed you the widget code that you need for your sidebar. If you need me to resend it just let me know.

Analuz said...

Hello Esther...I admire you for pursuing your research study program. I know it's not easy. Goodluck and more power...

Another Blogger said...

Success for your research. I know you can do that!!!

Lloyd said...

I find this to be an interesting blog. I to wish you success in your research Esther. God bless, Lloyd

search engine optimization said...

all the best for your research.

esther said...

@Anna, AB, Lloyd, SEO : Thank you so much for your wishes. I wish you all the best too...
Kindest regards to you :)

@Anna, AB, Lloyd : I am so sorry for my very very late respond to your comment. I haven't been to my blog for long time. Wish I could complete my research sometime this year.

Tom said...

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