19 June, 2008

Live in Harmony - Let's Learn from Nature

. 19 June, 2008

Today the word violence reminds images of mugging, random shooting and terror on city streets and country lanes; abuse of women, men and children; senseless brutality depicted in movies, TV shows and video games. Many people - due to race, belief, language, economic class, gender, or sexual orientation - have not received the protection and justice necessary for human well-being. Disintegrating social structures and values have occasioned turbulence that affects people of every class, color and locality.
Over the years, scientists and researchers have been striving to find the connection between triggers of violence and societal violence. The argument between researchers, who say that human behaviour is acquired from our social environment is not about the facts of how humans do behave. Aggressive behaviour, greediness and anarchism are features of life today. The question is not whether they exist or not but what causes them.

In developing country, particularly a country with many citizens lacking of education and knowledge, violence appear very often as a solution to their problem. Violence is frequently used in expressing their unsatisfactory feelings over problems they might have. Not only poverty and economic burden, but diversity, has been one of the triggers that could make people attack others of different believe, color or gender. Anarchism, violence and rumors of violence continue to spread - feared yet also expected in daily life. With all the chaos in our societies, have we never took a step back and wonder why we, humans, have the tendency to attack each other and make others suffer? Isn’t it an irony how the creatures in nature are able to maintain balance and harmony while we humans – civilized creatures –, seem to always have difficulty living in harmony?

In the face of this, what are we as educated people called to be and do? What resources of our knowledge can we bring to bear on this apparently intractable predicament? What shall we do as we seek together to build understanding in our communities? There are many that we can do. One of them is to aware people about diversity as one of nature’s facts that God creates. We can start with our family, neighborhood and our communities at any opportunity of sharing or discussion.

There are many that we can learn from nature characteristics and behavior. Some of them are the facts that : Everything in the community is connected, all things work together ; All the parts work together to make a balanced system. If one part is removed, then the system will lose its balance ; A healthy system has lots of species diversity. The more the merrier. By maintaining diversity, we help keep our community a healthy relationship, live in harmony ; The world has lots of different living organisms that interact with each other. Each person has a position or activity that particularly suits somebody's talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her -own. Each of us have the role we play in the community ; Environments support a diversity of living organisms that all share limited resources.

Let’s view diversity as positive values. Each of us work together to make a balanced community!


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